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Classi di Conversazione per Livello Intermedio - Avanzato - Commences Monday 27 May 2024
Conversation Class for Beginners - Commences Wednesday 15 May 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?

Classes are based on a Semester system, with Semesters starting in late January and July each year.  Semester 1 commence Monday 29 January 2024.

Students are expected to participate for the whole semester. Term dates generally align with those of the public school system in Queensland.   Specific dates for terms and term holidays can by found by clicking here .

For those students who only want to attend some lessons, then private classes are available.  Click here for further information on private classes .

Where are we?

The Società Dante Alighieri Gold Coast Inc. has facilities (clubrooms and a library) at the rear of the Italo-Australian Club in Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters.  Click here for further information on how to find the Dante Rooms

When are classes held?

There are both daytime and nighttime classes which are held from Monday to Friday.

How long do classes last for?

Classes are for two hours and there is a small coffee break in the middle of the session.

Will classes go ahead if there is widespread Covid-19?

The Dante Society is committed to ensure the safety of its students and teachers.  We respond immediately to the directives from Queensland Health and the State and Federal governments.  If you are not able to attend classes because of restrictions, we shall endeavour to run the classes by Zoom.

Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to attend classes?

Regulations are changing all the time, but at this point in time it is not necessary for students to be vaccinated to attend classes.

Costs of classes?

The Dante Society is a not-for-profit organisation. The Dante Society is committed to keeping costs of classes as low as they can, to ensure that they are affordable.  The current cost of classes can be found by clicking here .   Early bird discounts are offered each semester for those students who pay for a whole semester before a given date.  Discounts are available for pensioners, students and where more than one person in a family is taking lessons. For Semester 1, 2024 Early Bird Price for the whole of Semester 1 is $510 (which includes $20 single annual membership for 1 person).  To qualify for the Early Bird Price, enrolments and fees must be paid on or before Friday 12 th January 2024.

On occasions we have to cancel an advertised class if insufficient students enrol.  If this occurs, the Director of the School will see if there is an alternative class that may be appropriate.  If this is not possible, then all fees are refunded.

Can I pay by credit card?

Unfortunately we do not accept payments by credit cards.  The on-costs for credit card payments are from 2%-5% and if we offered this facility, we would have to increase fees.
Fees can be paid in cash at the Enrolment Day or by cheque or by Direct deposit to: Società Dante Alighieri, Gold Coast BSB 034216, Acct No 862414, using your Surname as a reference when you pay.

Do I need to attend an Enrolment Day?

Each semester there is an opportunity to attend the Dante Society to speak with the Director of the School, fill out necessary enrolment forms and to pay for classes.  For Enrolments for Semester 1, 2023 the time will be  Tuesday 16 January 4.30p.m. – 6.00 p.m.   It is not necessary to attend the Enrolment Day.  Enrolment can be completed by checking the website and completing the online enrolment form .

How do I know what level to enrol in?

Students who are new to the school should talk with our School Director, Rita Lo Presti to work out which is the correct class for them.  New students with no knowledge of Italian would normally start in the Beginners 1 Class. New students with some knowledge of Italian will be allocated to classes according to their language proficiency.

Do I need to buy textbooks?

Most classes will use a textbook that they will usually use for one or two years of classes.  The School buys books in bulk and sell them at good prices.  Please check on the Enrolment Day or via email or by phone if you need to know what book you may need to purchase.  Teachers will cover this during the first lesson for the semester.  Teachers provide other printouts to students at no extra cost.

Will I get a certificate for my studies?

At the end of every semester students are presented with an attractive certificate celebrating the completion of their studies for the semester.

Do my studies at Dante qualify me for a PLIDA Certificate?

PLIDA, or Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri (Dante Alighieri Society Diplomas), are language diplomas issued by Dante Alighieri Society certifying the holder's proficiency in Italian language as a foreign language. The diplomas can only be obtained after passing a standardised language test. The Rome Branch of the Dante Alighieri Society is the official centre of examination for the issuing of PLIDA Certification.  The Gold Coast Dante Society is not registered to issue these certificates.  If you are requiring such a certificate (for example for matrimonial reasons), then our sister organisation, the Società Dante Alighieri Brisbane may be able to assist you.  Click here to get further information on Dante Brisbane

Are classes face to face or using Zoom?

Classes are face to face and are held at our rooms in Clear Island Waters.  If we are unable to conduct face to face meetings due to Covid-19 restrictions, then lessons can be held online using Zoom.  For 2020 there was a substantial period of the year when all lessons were held via Zoom.  The teachers are all proficient in using Zoom and are happy to help students through this process.  All students adapted very quickly to using this medium and we had no students withdrawing from classes because of this.

What are mini courses?

Mini courses are short courses that are run during the vacations for those who wish to maintain or extend their skills.  These are offered at all levels and there are both daytime and nighttime classes.  There are some very interesting ones on topics such as cooking, Italian artworks and film. For those who are keen for more focused practice, there are grammar and conversation workshops.  In recent times, hands on workshops on making pasta and gnocchi have been a great success.  Students can mix and match which courses they would like to attend.  There is a nominal cost for attending these extra classes.

Does Dante have Newsletters?

Each month the Dante Society produces a newsletter that is emailed to all students and Dante members.  This contains information about School activities and general information regarding Italian history and culture.  Students are encouraged to prepare items for the newsletter.  As well as the newsletter, Dante will email you periodically regarding other items of interest to do with things Italian.  If you do not wish to receive emails from Dante, then you can easily opt out of receiving these.

Do you have courses for children?

Currently courses are only run for adults, as it is difficult to get enough children for a class to make it sustainable.  Children can have private lessons.

Do you have private lessons?

All of us have different learning styles and some students prefer private lessons rather than learn in a classroom setting. Private lessons can be for individuals or small groups. To learn more about private lessons and the prices, click here .

Which Social Media platforms do you use ?

The Dante Society has an active Facebook and Instragram site that are updated several times a week by one of our teachers, Martina Medda.  They have a great range of information regarding current Dante activities and current events happening in Italy.  There are always lots of photos of our students in class or doing other activities.  Dante's Facebook can be accessed on   and Dante Instagram on  .
This website is regularly updated and has information such as enrolment details, newsletters and other information.  Enrolments can be made online.

Do you have any social functions?

In pre-covid times the Dante Society had regular social gatherings with an Italian theme.  These ranged from dinners, playing bocce, fashion parades, invited lecturers, cooking demonstrations and visits to the opera.  Such activities have recommenced and we are planning more more throughout 2024.

Do you have to be a student to attend Dante functions?

Memberships are open to anyone with interests in the Italian culture.  You can still be a Member of Società Dante Alighieri, even though you are not a student. Membership entitles you to receive our Newsletters, to borrow books and videos from our Library and to attend our various functions throughout the year.  Click here for further information and to Join on line .  If you would like to download the form and send to Dante, click here