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Matta Mattinata in Maccina - Dante Car Rally - 11 August 2024

Film Clips

Over the years, each time that Luisa Liussi visits Italia, particularly Venezia, she makes a series of short film clips of locals going about their daily business. She has clips of fishermen, fruit and vegetable vendors, a man in a supermarket dividing up his parmigiano, a local making lace, a professional chef making pasta, a ride in a gondola and the most recent of a shop manager showing us how to tie a “foulard”.

These are great ways to hear how locals talk, not from the textbooks, but in normal day to day conversations.

The clips are posted here for you to listen and learn – and enjoy! If you have any clips that you would like us to post, then please forward them to us.

Thank you Luisa for taking the film clips and making them available to us.

Deboning a leg of prosciutto

Feast day of San Martino, children walk around beating pots and pans, stopping outside stores and receiving treats of lollies. A bit like Halloween, but not celebrating the dead

Un sogno … Venezia di gondola

La signora Chiara, simpatica, gentilmente spiega uno dei modi di portare un foulard

Signora MariaGrazia, professional chef in San Polo, Venice, shows how to make perfect pasta

Le donne in Italia che stanno facendo il merletto

Come Parmigiano è suddiviso in pezzi

Pescatore a Pellestrina cucina di pesce

Fruttivendolo al suo Lavoro