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Classi di Conversazione per Livello Intermedio - Avanzato - Commences Monday 27 May 2024
Conversation Class for Beginners - Commences Wednesday 15 May 2024

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If you would like to view the catalogue, then please enter search details below of some of the words in the title of the book or the DVD, or the name of the author or actor, or genre and then press "Search".  If there is a match, then a list of the titles will be displayed below.  If there are more than five matches, then these will be displayed on subsequent pages.  If you find a title that interests you, click on the Index Number in the left hand column, and this will take you to another page that will give you more details of the acquisition.  If you are interested in this book or DVD, then write down the Call Number and use that number to find the book or DVD next time you come to Dante, as requests for loan are not available on line.

If the item that you click on is not one that you are interested in, then click the back button and it will return you to the Search page.

If you search for the word "easy" then it will give you as list of approximately 120 titles of easy to read books.